Your crop the materials to any format, and will pack.

Perfect binding Kolbus - modern line of adhesive 16 stations collecting. The maximum format of 310x460 mm, the performance of 6000 units per hour.

Binding sewn threads Aster Astronic 180 - sewing machine thread blocks in a format to 440x320 mm ensures performance at 180 cycles per minute

Binding stitching Muller Martini Presto E90 - a modern line of stitching or buckle under the binder. It has 6 stations collecting the samonakładaczami, samonakładacza the folding station, the station manual application, knife trimmer and stacker.

Falc Heidelberg Stahlfolder - modern folding machine to enable the implementation of all common types of folds from A4 to B1. In addition, we have four falcerkach Guk and Brehmer McCain. All machines are fully equipped, and with the additional options allow folding mapping and windowing, perforations, folding and ironing leveling.

complementary machines Our machinery is complemented by the packager single copies shrink machine, punching and O binding calendars, Punching Machine, Press thermo (gilding), drilling machines for paper, devices for narożnikowania and other auxiliary machines.